Your Business Can Be Carbon Neutral for Less Than 1/4 of 1% Of Its Revenue

You already clean up your physical trash. Now clean up your carbon trash. It’s easy, affordable, and you’ll win a new community of supporters.


You care about the environment and want your business to be carbon neutral…

…but you don’t know who to trust, you’re afraid it’ll cost a lot, and you don’t know where to start.


Carbon Neutral Indiana can help your business become carbon neutral:

  • We’re a 501c3 nonprofit based in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Hundreds of Hoosiers trust us to measure and offset their carbon emissions
  • It’s affordable — less than half the cost of your trash or water bill

The first step is we measure your business’s carbon footprint for free. Get started by scheduling a free consultation right now.

Value for Your Business

More customers

We maintain the largest list of climate concerned Hoosiers (8,000+ people). We’ve also already certified 500+ people carbon neutral. They want to support your business.

More sales

70% of your customers prefer environmentally friendly businesses.

More profit per sale

It costs less than 1/4th of 1% of revenue to be carbon neutral, but your customers are willing to pay 10% more for environmentally friendly products.

More Value for You

Attract better employees

According to IBM’s research, 70% of employees say environmentally friendly businesses are more attractive.

Distinguish your business

Your business will stand out as a leader in the community. You’ll attract higher value opportunities.

Feel energized

Worry is stealing your energy. Measure your carbon emissions and offset them completely. Cross climate worry off your list.

Happy Clients

“I worked with Carbon Neutral Indiana to offset the carbon footprint from a couple of conservation meetings held in person at the Indianapolis Zoo.

We wanted to ensure we were contributing to meaningful projects in North America and focused on biodiversity, and CNI did a great job supporting us through this process.”

Cátia Canteiro, Indianapolis Zoo

“It feels good to be making small steps forward… [Carbon Neutral Indiana] has well thought through approaches to the carbon offset world.”

Loren Wood, Owner, Loren Wood Builders

“As an architecture firm that cares deeply about sustainability, we are proud to be carbon neutral.

It was a straight-forward process and affordable, costing less than 1/10th of 1% of our revenues. I emphatically invite other Indiana companies to measure and offset their emissions.”

Cara Weber, Co-Founder, Partner at DELV Design

How It Works

About Carbon Neutral Indiana

501c3 Nonprofit

You can purchase carbon credits from thousands of retailers. Very few are nonprofits like us. We’re growing a public good, like the YMCA or Boy Scouts, and our finances are transparent to the public.

Local to Indiana

We’re the only carbon credit retailer that’s completely focused on Indiana. Our mission is to help our state become carbon neutral and a better place to live.

Personal Touch

Most environmental consulting firms focus on the largest companies, like the Fortune 500. We’re here for small business owners like you.

More Than Offsets

We can help you purchase high quality, verified carbon credits. We also run other projects to promote education and community in Indiana, like working with Eagle Scouts, supporting climate solutions journalism, and more.


Climate can be a politically charged issue. We’re a single issue organization. This enables us to bring people together around a common cause — practical climate solutions.

“A few people are changing how Indiana thinks about climate change. [Carbon Neutral Indiana’s founder] is one.

Jim Merritt, Indiana State Senator

Join a Growing Movement…

Of Businesses in Industries Like…

And Have Collective Impact…

Free Guide to Carbon Credits

10 questions to ask before you buy carbon credits for your business.

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Success Story: Loren Wood Builders

Loren Wood Builders is based in Bloomington, Indiana. They design and build beautiful, high-end residential and commercial buildings.

“[Carbon Neutral Indiana] gave us a lot of great options that were already vetted, and we knew would make a difference.”

Seth McCanse, CFO, Loren Wood Builders

100% Certified Carbon Projects

We only support carbon projects verified by internationally recognized standards like Verra and Gold Standard. These standards are in turn certified by ICROA.

Example Carbon Projects

We finance a portfolio of projects from protecting and planting forests to capturing and destroying greenhouse gases. Most have 100+ page project documents detailing the specific science and processes involved. Available upon request.

Capping abandoned oil wells in Indiana, preventing methane from leaking.

Planting Trees in Des Moines, Iowa with the help of young people.

Protecting forests on Afognak Island in Alaska with conservation easements.

Capturing methane at a landfill in Virginia and turning it into energy.

Success Story – Broad Ripple Ice Cream Store

BRICS is a beloved ice cream vendor in Indianapolis, Indiana. They reduced their business’s environmental impacts in many ways, and becoming carbon neutral was the cherry on top.

“I would highly recommend Carbon Neutral Indiana.

Nonie Vonnegut Gabovitch, Owner, BRICS

“[Becoming carbon neutral] felt like the crown jewel of being the business that we wanted be.”

David Vonnegut Gabovitch, Principal and CFO, Browning, Owner, BRICS

Free Guide to Carbon Credits

10 questions to ask before you buy carbon credits for your business.

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“Uptown Pup has chosen to be carbon neutral because we care deeply about our community and our planet. We are so thrilled to be able to decrease our footprint while enhancing the lives of our beloved four-legged family members!

CNI is an organization that is committed to climate action, building relationships, and making a difference.

Kathleen Schonsheck, Co-owner, Uptown Pup

“[It] is inspiring to see local startups, such as Carbon Neutral Indiana, figuring out how to communicate with homeowners and small businesses about their carbon footprint.”

Bill McKibben, Author, The New Yorker


What does ‘carbon neutral’ mean?

Carbon neutral means taking responsibility for, and cleaning up, your business’s greenhouse gases.

Your business emits this pollution when you use electricity, heat your buildings, fuel your vehicles, and buy supplies. If your business produces 100 tons of this pollution a year, your business is carbon neutral when you donate to projects, like tree plantings, that reduce 100 tons of pollution per year.

Your business already pays to have it’s physical trash picked up and processed. Becoming carbon neutral is like cleaning up your carbon trash.

How can I make my business carbon neutral?

  1. Schedule a short appointment with us.
  2. We will measure how much carbon pollution your business creates for free
  3. We will create a report for you that explains where your carbon pollution comes from for free
  4. You set up an automatic, monthly donation to balance out this pollution
  5. A year or more later, we can measure your business’s carbon footprint again

How much does it cost?

It usually costs less than 1/4th of 1% of revenue for a business to be carbon neutral.

So if your business has revenues of $1,000,000 per year, it would cost about $175/mo to be carbon neutral (usually less than half of your trash or water bill). The exact number depends on your business’s carbon footprint. A consulting business usually has a small carbon footprint than a restaurant or construction company.

Can we choose which carbon projects we support?


How can we be sure that the carbon projects are high quality?

We only support projects that are certified by internationally respected carbon registries like Verra, Climate Action Reserve, or American Carbon Registry. These registries are trusted by leading organizations like Microsoft and The Nature Conservancy.

When a carbon project is certified by a registry, this means it follows protocols designed in public with comments by scientists and other experts. It also means the projects are verified by independent parties and all documentation is available publicly for review.

Can you help use reduce our direct emissions too?

Yes. We also have an extensive network of professionals throughout the state and country that we can introduce you to, if that’s helpful. For example, experts in finance, renewable energy, sustainable buildings, etc.

Free Guide to Carbon Credits

10 questions to ask before you buy carbon credits for your business.

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“I was really excited about making my business carbon neutral, because I can tie together the loose ends that can’t yet be fully sustainable, such as our diesel polluting trucks.

Carbon Neutral Indiana is so much more than just a carbon credit organization. It’s become a community for Hoosiers to turn climate anxiety into real solutions.

Eli Franklin, Co-Founder, Quiet Cut, Franklin Brothers Landscape LLC

About Us – More

Carbon Neutral Indiana is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to help the state become carbon neutral and an even better place to live.

Daniel Poynter – Executive Director

Daniel graduated from Purdue and started his career as a software engineer. Then he advised over 100 entrepreneurs before founding the Carbon Neutral Indiana. Daniel wrote the book Carbon Neutral Indiana: A Practical Guide to Climate Optimism. He’s been honored with the following relevant awards:

Indy’s Best and Brightest, Nonprofit Category

MacArthur Foundation Young Innovator

Our Board includes the following local leaders:

Dr. Anne Greist, MD

Dr. Greist is a board-certified Adult Hematologist-Oncologist and Co-Medical Director. She Co-Founded the Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center, a non-profit medical organization with $150M in revenues.

John Bohlmann

John is a serial tech entrepreneur. His company, HawkenIO, helps startups, venture capital firms, and Fortune 500 companies design and develop new software products. One of his products is installed in 50M square feet of commercial real estate, including the John Hancock Center skyscraper in Chicago.

Grace Minkis

Grace is Director of Development with Geenex Solar, a utility scale solar developer. She studied Environmental Science, focusing on water resource management, in college and started her career with the Peace Corps in the Philippines.

Jacob Jewell, CPA

Jacob works with Kemper CPA Group LLP. Early in his career, he interviewed successful business owners to share their stories and wrote articles for over 10,000 monthly subscribers of the Evansville Business Journal.

Free Guide to Carbon Credits

10 questions to ask before you buy carbon credits for your business.

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