Get Started

You can measure your household’s carbon footprint in either two ways. Both are free:

  1. By yourself, with the calculator below.
  2. With one of our experts, by scheduling a 15 minute phone call.

Benefits of Becoming Carbon Neutral

After you complete your carbon calculation you’ll see how many trees you’d have to plant to balance out your carbon pollution.

Instead of planting these yourself, you can pay others to reduce carbon pollution on your behalf. They can plant trees, but they can do many other projects as well like capture methane at landfills, destroy chemicals called refrigerants, and even feed cows all natural garlic and citrus to reduce methane they produce.

Some benefits of paying people to neutralize your carbon pollution include:

  1. Because they specialize in this they can do it more affordably than you can.
  2. All such projects are independently verified by third parties.
  3. Carbon Neutral Indiana is a 501(c)3 non-profit, so your contribution is tax deductible.
  4. When you purchase carbon offsets through Carbon Neutral Indiana, not only are you neutralizing your carbon footprint, but you are also supporting local projects in Indiana.

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