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“In Daniel Poynter’s new book, Carbon Neutral Indiana, a Practical Guide to Climate Optimism, he is anything but neutral. Poynter is an enthusiastic advocate… His pragmatic approaches are clever, sometimes funny and very convincing. This book is an essential primer for everyone wishing to implement climatic solutions and help the world avoid a possible devastating environmental tragedy.”

—Mickey Maurer, Chairman of the Board of IBJ Corporation and The National Bank of Indianapolis; former President of the Indiana Economic Development Corp.; former Indiana Secretary of Commerce.

“This book shows how Hoosiers can reduce carbon emissions wherever they have influence. It’s well-researched, clearly written, and informative. It’s nothing like what I expected. It was a real breath of fresh air.”

—Greg Ballard, 48th mayor of Indianapolis; retired Lt. Col. U.S. Marines; author Less Oil or More Caskets: The National Security Argument for Moving Away From Oil.

“A few people are changing how Indiana thinks about climate change. Daniel Poynter is one. [This book] is all about solutions and opportunities. It provides a roadmap that can benefit all Hoosiers.”

—Jim Merritt, Indiana State Senator

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