Have You Cleaned Up Your Carbon Trash Yet?

We help you measure and offset your carbon pollution.

How It Works

You already clean up your physical trash. Now you can measure and clean up your carbon trash for about $20 per month.

1. Measure Your Carbon Footprint

Do it yourself online in under a minute, or schedule a free call with one of our experts. See where your carbon pollution comes from, how it compares to neighbors, and how to reduce it.

2. Clean Up Your Carbon Trash

You already pay to clean up your physical trash. Why not clean up your carbon trash too? It only costs about $20/mo – depending on the size of your carbon footprint. Your donation is tax deductible, transparent, and verified by third parties.

3. Enjoy Peace Of Mind

You have enough to worry about.  Confront your climate anxiety. Cross this off your to do list. You will feel much better and inspire those around you. It’s easy, effective, and affordable.

Carbon Projects

Your tax deductible donations pay for third-party verified projects. Some are natural projects like forests, others are industrial projects like landfill methane. All are transparent and verified by international carbon registries.

Afognak Forest

We started by funding the protection of forests on Afognak Island in Alaska, a natural climate solution.

Henrico Co. Landfill Gas

The second project we funded captures and destroys methane at a landfill in Virginia, an industrial climate solution.

Destroying Refrigerants

We’ve funded many more projects. One example is capturing and destroying chemicals used in refrigerators and air conditioners.

Do you want to be among the first 250 carbon neutral households in Indiana?

Carbon Neutral Households

Hundreds of Hoosiers are cleaning up their carbon trash. They felt guilty about their lifestyles and overwhelmed by the climate crisis.  So they measured their part of the problem and paid to clean it up. Easy! Now they feel peace of mind, a sense of progress, and realistic hope.

It feels awesome to be carbon neutral. I know I’m doing something useful to help the environment and making things better for the future, for our children and grandchildren.”

Debbie Collins, Indianapolis

“I’ve been thinking about becoming carbon neutral for a long time. It seemed complex and overwhelming. Carbon Neutral Indiana made it easy!

Rae Schnapp PhD, West Lafayette

Success So Far

One of our values is effectiveness. So we measure what matters. The three most important metrics of impact we track are:


Tons of CO2e Annually


Carbon Neutral People


Yard Signs

This amount of CO2e is equivalent to:


Trees Planted


Cars Removed From the Road


Join hundreds of other Hoosiers. Measure and clean up your carbon footprint today:

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