We Convene

We convene Indiana’s climate innovators in an ongoing learning network. Each of us is a student. Each of us is a teacher.

The Hoosier Climate Party

In August 2023, we hosted a party for people implementing climate solutions in Indiana. It was the largest event of its kind in Indiana history. It resulted in 150+ new relationships. More.

More Ways We’re Convening

Largest Email List

We maintain the largest email list of climate concerned Hoosiers in the state. Coming soon.

Climate Mentors

We match climate mentees and mentors. Fortune 500 executives, elected officials, and more. Coming soon.

We Learn

We learn how to engage Hoosiers by experimenting with small pilot projects. Think “fail fast, fail often” like a Silicon Valley startup. Below are some of our experiments.

A Book

We wrote a book with 60 inspiring stories of Hoosiers reducing carbon emissions. Then we distributed free copies to thousands of leaders and hosted book discussions. More.

More Ways We’re Learning With Experiments

Leadership Program

We hosted 15 young people in a summer leadership program to learn about climate entrepreneurship. More.

Climate Journalism

We fund climate solutions journalism at Purdue University’s student newspaper, The Exponent. More.

Social Network Analysis

We use SNA to benchmark the health of Indiana’s climate innovation community and measure our efficacy. Coming soon.

Eagle Scouts

Scouts need a 200 hour community project to earn Eagle rank. What if they did climate projects? Coming soon.

Protecting Urban Forests

Indianapolis loses 50 acres of trees annually. Carbon markets could pay to protect them. We helped a Fortune 500 company and the city start the process of creating local offsets. More soon.

Carbon Legislation

We facilitated a bipartisan working group, including a wide coalition of stakeholders, on carbon market legislation at the Indiana statehouse. More soon.

We Help Hoosiers Become Carbon Neutral Now

We already pay to clean up our physical trash. Why wouldn’t we pay to clean up our carbon trash? We’ve helped 500+ Hoosiers and businesses measure and offset their carbon emissions. Their donations go to 3rd party verified carbon projects.

Carbon Neutral Businesses

We help businesses measure their carbon emissions for free. It usually costs about 1/5th of 1% of their annual revenue to be carbon neutral. More.

Carbon Neutral Households

We help households measure their carbon emissions for free. It usually costs $15-$20/mo per person to be carbon neutral. More.

It feels awesome to be carbon neutral. I know I’m doing something useful to help the environment and making things better for the future, for our children and grandchildren.”

Debbie Collins, Indianapolis

There are 500+ carbon neutral Hoosiers and businesses throughout Indiana. We’re making it normal to clean up your “carbon trash.”


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